Owners Grace And John Im

Owners Grace And John Im

Hoagy Steak has been making San Leandro mouths happy since 1995, when it first opened its doors to a hungry public. Current owners Grace and John Im took over the business from relatives in 1999, and have been building on its initial success ever since.

Specializing in award-winning comfort foods at reward-winning comfort prices, the Ims have earned a loyal following of cheese steak aficionados from all over the East Bay; and their well rounded menu ensures that there’s always something delicious onhand for everyone.

The cornerstone of the business is cheese steaks: thin-sliced steak, grilled to perfection with your choice of edible accessories, all topped with melting cheese, atop a freshly toasted bun. Perfectly crisp, golden fries are always included with every sandwich. But some customers argue that their cheese chicken sandwiches are even better, made with your choice of thigh or breast meat, marinated and flame-broiled to order before it hits the flat-top. Still not convinced? Stop by and try one of San Leandro’s best burgers (beef or turkey), sweet and savory teriyaki bowls, or a healthy and humongous grilled vegetarian sandwich.

Check out the menu and stop by to say hello some time soon.